Learn Why Grayscale is a Compelling Alternative to TextRecruit

June 1, 2019

We know you want to find the best texting platform for your team, so we created this overview of Grayscale's key features to show you why our product is a compelling alternative to TextRecruit.

Grayscale bakes texting right into your ATS

Texting is the way we all communicate in our daily lives, and it's time we start using this powerful channel to engage with talent. 💪

Let's take a quick look at Grayscale's core texting functionality and how it compares to TextRecruit.

Texting with Candidates 📱

With Grayscale's Chrome extension, you can text candidates directly from within your ATS. As you navigate between candidate profiles, the extension automatically updates to show you the current candidate's conversation history.

Dedicated, Local Numbers ☎️

Each recruiter will have a dedicated, phone  number with a local area code for market they recruit in. This is important, because local numbers help boost response rates.

Unlimited Texting 😙

Unlike other products, Grayscale has no limit on the number of text messages you can send through the platform. So you and your team can start texting and never look back. 🏃

Bulk Text Messaging 📣

With Grayscale, you can send personalized text messages in bulk, directly from within our Chrome extension, so you never have to leave your ATS. Each candidate will receive a text that feels personalized to them.

Scheduled Messages 📅

Want to send a schedule a text for a future date/time? No problem.  Pick a date and time to have your message delivered. This ensures the candidate gets your message at the right time, maximizing your response rates.

Grayscale drives more candidates to your jobs with Text-for-Jobs

With Text-for-Jobs, you can attract talent from anywhere you have a physical or digital presence.

Candidates text a keyword (e.g. 'EYECARE') to a short code (89743) to explore job openings, get pre-screened, and apply.

You can advertise a Text-for-Jobs campaign at store locations, on social media, at hiring events, on campus - the possibilities are endless.

Text-for-Jobs is completely automated and engages with candidates 24/7. When Follett rolled out Text-for-Jobs, they  saw a 40% increase in the number of  interviews scheduled with qualified candidates.

Grayscale helps you convert more career site traffic with Gracie

If you're like most recruiting teams, you spend a lot of money driving eyeballs to your jobs. What if you could convert 5-20% more of that traffic? 

That's where Gracie comes in. 🤖

Gracie is your team's virtual recruiter, greeting candidates on your career site, engaging and converting candidates 24/7.

With Gracie on your career site, you'll have capabilities like:

Gracie can be branded to represent your company and culture, and her workflows are highly customizable to meet your specific needs.

See how we compare to TextRecruit's pricing

Have you received a quote from TextRecruit and want to see how we compare?

Grayscale's pricing is based on number of seats you'll need. You can start with a few seats and ramp it up once you're seeing the value.

Want to see how our pricing compares to TextRecruit? Schedule a demo and we'll give you a custom quote on our call.

Any questions we didn’t answer?

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