The Fastest, Most Engaging Way to Double Your Candidate Flow

In today's tight labor market, it's extremely challenging finding enough qualified candidates for your hard to fill roles. And despite needing more candidates, you know another job board isn't the answer.

You need a way to cut through the noise and offer an interactive way to differentiate your brand and engage with candidates.

That's were Text-for-Jobs comes in.

Double your candidate flow with Text-for-Jobs

With Text-for-Jobs, you can attract talent from anywhere you have a physical or digital presence.

Candidates text a keyword (e.g. 'JOBS') to a short code (89743) to explore job openings, get pre-screened, and apply.

Go on, give it a try! 👇

Text-for-Jobs is completely automated and engages with candidates on your behalf 24/7. When Follett rolled out Text-for-Jobs, they  saw a 40% increase in the number of  interviews scheduled with qualified candidates.

Making Text-for-Jobs Work for You

Text-for-Jobs is flexible in how you set it up so it aligns well with your business needs. With Text-for-Jobs, you'll be able to...

Engage Candidates 24/7 ⏰

With Text-for-Jobs, candidates engage with your brand around the clock, even while you're sleeping. Our automated chatbot ("Gracie") acts as your digital recruiter, matching candidates to jobs and coordinating interviews.

Capture Unlimited Candidates 😙

There's no limit to the number of candidates that you can engage with. Once you set it live, it's off to the races, capturing 50% more leads and driving up to 20% more applications in the door for you hard to fill roles.

Re-engage Candidates that Don't Apply 📣

For each candidate that texts in, we capture name, contact info, and job interests, so even if they don't apply, you have a warm lead to follow up with. Surface promising leads and take bulk action to text with candidates.

Auto-Schedule Interviews with Promising Candidates 📅

Are you seeing a shortage of hard to find candidates like doctors or dental assistants? Set up auto-scheduling for high need areas to fast-track promising candidates directly to a recruiter to discuss opportunities.

Ways to Leverage Text-for-Jobs

You can leverage Text-for-Jobs in a whole host of ways, from advertising at store locations, on social media, at hiring events, on campus - the possibilities are endless.

Drive Traffic from Store Locations

Companies like Smile Brands and EyeCare Partners advertise their Text-for-Jobs campaign at their locations, using their offices as another advertising channel for their jobs.

While someone is at their office, or even just walking by it, they'll see signage at the front door and checkout counter that encourages them to text in to explore jobs and apply.

This boosts their application volume and increases their lead flow for high need jobs by as much as 45%.

Drive Traffic from Hiring Events

Brands like Centria Healthcare leverage Text-for-Jobs to increase their reach and impact at hiring events.

Instead of a sign up form, they put up signage at their booth for candidates to text them to chat about openings and apply. This call to action is also on their business cards and swag they hand out at the event.

The result is a highly differentiated experience on campus, driving 20% more leads in the door from each event they attend.

Drive Traffic from Social Media

Social media can be a highly effective channel for promoting your Text-for-Jobs campaign.

Posting copy and/or an image with a clear call to action (like the one above) can be a great way to drive new candidates to your jobs from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

One post shared across social channels can boost your candidate flow by 25% alone.

How We Leverage Text-for-Jobs at Grayscale

In the example above (if you haven't tried it yet, text JOBS to 89743 to test it out), this is a campaign set up for our hiring process here at Grayscale.

For us, hiring engineers is our biggest need, so if someone expresses interest in engineering roles (option #2), we immediately allow them to schedule a call with us.

For the rest of our roles (options #1 and #3), we gather key info on the candidate and ask them to complete a simple application. Then we follow up in bulk via text.

This ensures we increase volume across the board, but if a promising engineer expresses interest, we fast track them directly to a human, ensuring our most promising leads convert to applicants.

Any questions we didn’t answer?

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