How EyeCare Partners Cut Time-to-Fill by 27% in the First 30 Day with Grayscale

EyeCare Partners is a large and fast growing family of Optometry and Ophthalmology practices, with over 450 locations across 20 unique brands in 12 states.

Have cataracts? EyeCare has you covered. Need new glasses or contact lenses? EyeCare to the rescue! Their services range as far as the eye can see (see what I did there? :wink:).

The Challenge

The market being as competitive as it is, the challenges that candidate applying that are qualified - they reply to 2-3 emails and then don’t respond. How do we get in front of them and cut through the noise. Faster response rate to get them active and interested in jobs we have. The second problem - we’re using it for interview scheduling and interview reminders - and for tests reminder - i sent this test - don’t forget. Increase in testing % - 78% took the test last time versus 54% completionInterview no-shows - More candidates in the door/leads. Want to make the barrier of entry as low as possible. But get a new CTA out there while they are a captive audience. More candidates in process as quickly as possible.

Texting with Candidates 📱

With Grayscale's Chrome extension, you can text candidates directly from within your ATS. As you navigate between candidate profiles, the extension automatically updates to show you the current candidate's conversation history.

The Solution