Why Your Recruiting Team Needs Chatbots

Chatbots are here to stay, and the fastest growing businesses are using them to convert more qualified candidates and create a highly differentiated candidate experience.

Chatbots are here to stay, and the fastest growing businesses are using them to convert more qualified candidates and create a highly differentiated candidate experience.

Intelligent bots can be added to your career site and social media pages, incorporated in your campus recruiting and sourcing outreach -- really at any touch point with your brand -- to engage, convert, and pre-qualify more candidates.

And best of all, they're quick and easy to set up.

Let's check out a few simple, highly effective ways to leverage chatbots within your recruiting process.

#1: Convert more passive candidates on your career site and social media

On average, 8.6% of career site visitors actually apply for a job. And only 2% of those applicants are actually qualified enough for the job to get an interview.

Think about it -- that means on average only 0.2% of a career site's visitors convert to interviews. 😳

So why are career sites so ineffective at converting qualified candidates?

Part of the reason is because passive candidates (representing 73% of the workforce) don't apply for jobs.

But they are, however, poking around on your career site and social media pages, doing research and trying to figure out if your company is the sort of place they want to work when they're ready.

And this is part of the reason why chatbots can be so effective for capturing and qualifying recruiting leads.

Chatbots allow candidates to start a conversation with your brand whenever and wherever it's convenient for them -- on your career site, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, even Instagram.

Chatbots can match candidates to jobs they'd be a good fit for, help prequalify them for jobs, and even allow them to schedule time directly with a recruiter if qualified.

An effective bot can answer questions for candidates, take down contact info, and keep in touch with news and jobs that are relevant, learning more about the individual's preferences over time and tailoring their experiences accordingly.

This also lowers the bar for passive candidates to express interest without the psychological barrier of applying to a job. Even if you have a 1-click apply process, it's a big ask for a passive candidate to apply if they aren't actively looking.

Starting a conversation is much more in their comfort zone. Offering a simple way for candidates to connect can be extremely powerful for generating new candidates that wouldn't have applied.

As a recruiter, bot interactions give you access to a new pool of passive candidates that engage but aren't ready to apply.

#2: Re-engage stale candidates in your database

Most businesses have thousands, if not millions, of candidates just sitting stale in their database.

Leveraging bots can be a great way to re-engage these candidates, updating job history, gauging interest in new opportunities, and teeing up conversations with a recruiter if the candidate is interested and qualified for an open position.

These re-engagement campaigns can work for you behind the scenes, only surfacing relevant and interested candidates for your open positions.

Stale, outdated candidate profiles can become qualified, interested candidates for your jobs, unlocking a whole new source of talent with little to no extra work for the recruiter.

#3: Screen candidates

Chatbots can seamlessly screen candidates for open jobs, both candidates on your career site and applicants in your ATS.

If a candidate is interested in a job, your chatbot can pre-screen them and let them know if they meet the qualifications for the job upfront. And if so, connect them directly with a recruiter.

Recruiters can leverage chatbots to screen candidates post-application as well. With the click of a button, a group of candidates can be personally invited to answer a series of screening questions via text, video, audio clip, or multiple choice.

This ensures that recruiters are only spending time with the most promising candidates, while giving every candidates a great experience.

#4: Seamlessly schedule interviews

Chatbots are extremely powerful for automating administrative tasks such as scheduling interviews.

For candidates that are qualified for a job, a chatbot can allow them to book time directly with the recruiter or hiring manager. This ensures that great candidates gets fast-tracked to a person and not lost in the ATS.

Scheduling can also be initiated by the recruiter with the click of a button at any time.

For example, you're texting or in a live chat with a candidate and want to schedule a phone interview, all you have to do is click a button to drop your availability directly into a chat.

The rest of the process is automated for the candidate, which which saves time eliminating all the back and forth.

A platform like Grayscale integrates with your Outlook or Google Calendar and makes it easy for candidates to select an available date and time based on the recruiter's availability settings.

If you're still manually scheduling phone interviews, stop the back and forth and automate the process. 💪

#5: Supercharge your hiring events and campus recruiting

Looking for ways to stand out on campus so your message cuts through the noise?

Leveraging a conversational recruiting platform like Grayscale allows you to seamlessly set up engaging text campaigns that students love.

Set up a keyword for candidates to text before your next campus visit.

Then get the word out by posting on social media (example 👉), put up a sign at your booth, even include the number on your swag and materials you hand out to students.

This way, candidates don't have to navigate to your career site, find the right job, apply, and then wait to hear back.

Instead, students instantly start a conversation, get their questions answered immediately, apply, and get status updates, all on their phone via text message or on a channel of their preference (such as Facebook Messenger, email, WhatsApp, or Slack).

A conversational approach to campus recruiting helps you cut through the noise, drive more qualified candidates to your jobs, and create a highly differentiated candidate experience.  

It's time for a more conversational approach to recruiting 🙌

At Grayscale, we believe in the power of conversation and in the importance of putting the candidate in the driver seat.

If you're interested in exploring how recruiting chatbots could fit into your hiring process or work in your industry, it's super easy to get started.

Drop me a note and say hello. 👋

Ty Abernethy

Ty Abernethy is a former recruiter and co-founder & CEO of Grayscale.

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