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CONVERSATIONAL Recruiting Platform

Conversation-driven recruiting solutions for capturing leads & nurturing relationships.

Engage with Talent Across
All Recruiting Channels

Inboxes are too cluttered to rely solely on email and LinkedIn. Start engaging with talent across all messaging channels to cut through the noise and engage with top talent.

not Applications.

Optimize your process around what matters most - building relationships and engaging in meaningful conversations with top talent.
We power growth for brands like:

Conversations, not applications.

โ€Do More, Together.

Capture 2x more qualified leads, get to first interview 40% faster, and create a standout candidate experience with the help of intelligent bots.

Our clients see 2x more qualified leads,โ€ a 98% message open rate,
and reduce time-to-hire by 35% with conversational recruiting. โšก

Let us show you how.

Seamlessly Integrated

Into Your Systems

We integrate with your favorite (and not so favorite ๐Ÿ˜ฌ) systems.
Get onboarded and integrated in 2 weeks or less.